Top 5 OSINT Tools

For the first list will start by using kali linux pre-installed osint tools.

1) TheHarvester

TheHarvester is a tool to gather email address,subdomains and ASN records using search engines and third party api’s !

Example usage : theHarvester -d -b all

Flags explanation : -d *provide the domain name of the target* and -b *Provide the source to search with or all to use all the sources*

Detailed guide : (

2) Metagoofil

Metagoofil extract documents from websites using search engines.

It can extract “pdf,doc,xls,ppt,odp,ods,docx,xlsx and pptx”.

Example usage : metagoofil -d -t pdf-l 50 -o results/

Flag explanation : -d *target domain* -t *document type* -l *max search results* -o *output directory*

Detailed guide : (

3) Spiderfoot

Spidefoot is an ALL in One osint tool.

It is similar to maltego.

You can search for emails,subdomains,ip’s, employee names , reverse ip etc……

Detailed guide : (

4) Recon-ng

recon-ng is a flexibale tool with api and database support.

It is very useful when doing information gathering on domains,ip’s and employee emails.

Detailed Guide : (

5) Maltego

Maltego it is similar put superior to spiderfoot.

Maltego is one of the best when it comes to osint , has been and still being used by LE to conduct osint activities.

I recommend you this tool 75% as it is now being a lil too cocky for CE (free edition).

Semi-detailed guide : (

Stay safe and enjoy

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