Reverse engineering Roadmap

1. Learn c/ c++/ python (this will come handy)

2. Learn assembly

3. Start decompiling programs in disassemblers

4. start solving crackmes (you will learn most of the reverse engineering here, start with easy crackmes, don’t be afraid to look at tutorials and write-ups or even ask proper detailed questions to us)

5. Start competing in CTF’s and other competitions and find teammates who will contribute to your skill development.

Resources Go through each link and make notes if possible when you do a course, read books, solve reversing challenges and samples. (Please read this and learn to google) How to use google effectively(

1. (Has everything you need) reverse-engineering-resources-beginners-to-intermediate-guide-links(


3. Where-to-find-free-training-in-reverse-engineering(

4. (Must for beginners) - start with Arch1001( –> Arch2001 (

5. Z0FCourse_ReverseEngineering (



9. Workshop (

10. Awesome reverse engineering (

11. (

Things a beginner should google to get in depth knowledge of reverse engineering:

1. How to start out in reverse engineering?

2. How to start out in reverse engineering Reddit

3. Beginners reverse engineering Reddit

4. Reverse engineering tutorials

5. Assembly tutorials

6. c tutorials

7. Ida pro tutorials

8. Ghidra tutorial

9. Radare tutorial

10. Reverse engineering environment setup

11. Search all the above on YouTube for video guides/tutorials/advice

12. Learn how to ask proper questions. We don’t want to hear your hi hello, just ask the question:

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